From Models to Simulations

TitleFrom Models to Simulations
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsVarenne, F
Series TitleHistory and Philosophy of Technoscience
Number of Pages224
CityNew York
ISBN Number9781138065215
KeywordsModels, Simulations

This book analyses the impact computerization has had on contemporary science and explains the origins, technical nature and epistemological consequences of the current decisive interplay between technology and science: an intertwining of formalism, computation, data acquisition, data and visualization and how these factors have led to the spread of simulation models since the 1950s.

Using historical, comparative and interpretative case studies from a range of disciplines, with a particular emphasis on the case of plant studies, the author shows how and why computers, data treatment devices and programming languages have occasioned a gradual but irresistible and massive shift from mathematical models to computer simulations.