Computing and Programming in Context - Special Issue published

All papers of the special issue on Computing and Programming in Context of the Philsophy and Technology journal are now available online! The special issue follows two HAPOC events, the fourth HaPoC conference, held in Brno, Czechia, in October 2017 and the fourth HaPoP symposium, held in Oxford, UK, in April 2018.

The special issue presents 7 papers that embody the interdisciplinary approach to studying computing and programming advocated by the HAPOC. They explore issues at the boundary between computing and philosophy, culture, formal logic, science, engineering and linguistics.

Tomas Petricek. Computing and Programming in Context—Introduction

Brian Lennon. Foo, Bar, Baz…: The Metasyntactic Variable and the Programming Language Hierarchy

Michael Castelle. Middleware’s Message: the Financial Technics of Codata

Dale Miller. Reciprocal Influences Between Proof Theory and Logic Programming

Felice Cardone. From Curry to Haskell

Nicolas Fillion & Robert M. Corless. Concepts of Solution and the Finite Element Method: a Philosophical Take on Variational Crimes

Juan M. Durán. A Formal Framework for Computer Simulations: Surveying the Historical Record and Finding Their Philosophical Roots

Juan Luis Gastaldi. Why Can Computers Understand Natural Language? The Structuralist Image of Language Behind Word Embeddings