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Anuj Dawar on 'Is Computer Science a Science?'

Anuj Dawar (Cambridge University) answers the old question: 'Is Computer Science a Science?'

Organisers for HaPoC Special Session at CiE 2016

In the last few years, the Computability in Europe Conference Series has hosted a Special Session on the History and Philosophy of Computing, organised in concert with the HaPoC Commission. The next CiE Conference will take place at the University of Paris 7, France. Also in this occasion, the HaPoC Commission has been asked to organise a Special Session and two colleagues have accepted to be in charge of selecting the Speakers for this event. We are now very pleased to announce the Organisers for the HaPoC Special Session at Cie2016:

Philosophy & Technology (Springer) new supplements series

Giuseppe Primiero (vice-president of the HaPoC Commission) has been nominated member of the Executive Editorial Board of the Journal Philosophy & Technology (Springer) for the Area of Philosophy of Computer Science & Technology. The Journal will inaugurate a new supplements series, for issues entirely related to each of the areas of competence in the Executive Editorial Board.

HaPoC Council Meeting

On Tuesday 21 October 2014, the HaPoC Commission Council composed by Liesbeth de Mol, Giuseppe Primiero, Benedikt Loewe, Raymond Turner, Helena Durnova and gerard Alberts met in London. This was our annual Council meeting.

The discussion was focused on the present and the future of HaPoC, and its activities. In particular, the Council has considered:

Walter Isaacson on the women of ENIAC

An excerpt from the book The Innovators by Walter Isaacson on the women who programmed ENIAC.

CiE15 HaPoC Special Session

HaPoC is organising a new Special Session on History and Philosophy of Computing at the CiE2015 Evolving Computability Conference, to be held in Bucharest, Romania from June 29th to July 3rd. This new event will be organised by Marco Benini (University of Insubria) and Christine Proust (CNRS & Université Paris Diderot). The community is very grateful for their help in setting up this new Special Session and we are looking forward for a new exciting programme!

On Software Intensive Science

Among the most discussed issues of the research area of philosophy of computing these days are certainly the nature, methodology and experimental characteristics of Software Intensive Science. A recent article in Philosophy & Technology by John Symons, Jack Horner has explicitly approached SIS, available here:

The article is followed by two short comment papers, by Nicola Angius here

Presentation by Gonzalo Genova, HaPoC@IACAP14

The original programme of the HaPoC Symposium at IACAP14 included a talk from Gonzalo Genova (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España & Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile), titled "Intertwining of formal and empirical methods in software engineering". Unfortunately Gonzalo was not able to attend the meeting, but he sent us a voice over slides presentation of his talk, for which we thank him! The file is available at the following link:

HAPOC Symposium @IACAP

The HaPoC symposium

On July 3, 2014 we organized a symposium during the 29th IACAP conference in sunny Thessaloniki. It was a long but satisfying day with lots of discussion. For the symposium we decided to work around three fundamental questions:

An introduction to the P&T HaPoC Special Issue

After HaPoC-I held in Ghent in 2011, two Special Issues went into preparation to collect refereed contributions to the Conference and some additional contributions. The paper to be collected in the first of these issues were already published online on the website of Philosophy & Technology (Springer) for a while. Now the introduction to the same volume has been published and it is available at


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