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Invitation to Contribute to a Blog at the Online Communications of the ACM

The last blog entry here, by L. DeMol and G. Primiero, mentions one of the regular posts that I am now publishing on topics in the philosophy of computer science, at the online site of the Communications of the ACM, an international professional newsletter for both academics and professionals.
Find them here:
You may see my posts by searching for my name in "Author."

A Wider Scope of Inquiry

When I was a programmer, and even when I was a teacher of programming, I would wonder about where data structures and algorithms came from, and to what extent people use pass-by-value, pass-by-reference, and pass-by-name for communication in daily life, and whether we use those techniques for activities besides communication, and whether the universe somehow uses those techniques, and about many other speculative questions. Now those questions attract me to the philosophy of computer science.


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