A Wider Scope of Inquiry

When I was a programmer, and even when I was a teacher of programming, I would wonder about where data structures and algorithms came from, and to what extent people use pass-by-value, pass-by-reference, and pass-by-name for communication in daily life, and whether we use those techniques for activities besides communication, and whether the universe somehow uses those techniques, and about many other speculative questions. Now those questions attract me to the philosophy of computer science.

Presentation by Gonzalo Genova, HaPoC@IACAP14

The original programme of the HaPoC Symposium at IACAP14 included a talk from Gonzalo Genova (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España & Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile), titled "Intertwining of formal and empirical methods in software engineering". Unfortunately Gonzalo was not able to attend the meeting, but he sent us a voice over slides presentation of his talk, for which we thank him! The file is available at the following link:

HAPOC Symposium @IACAP

The HaPoC symposium

On July 3, 2014 we organized a symposium during the 29th IACAP conference in sunny Thessaloniki. It was a long but satisfying day with lots of discussion. For the symposium we decided to work around three fundamental questions:

An introduction to the P&T HaPoC Special Issue

After HaPoC-I held in Ghent in 2011, two Special Issues went into preparation to collect refereed contributions to the Conference and some additional contributions. The paper to be collected in the first of these issues were already published online on the website of Philosophy & Technology (Springer) for a while. Now the introduction to the same volume has been published and it is available at

Blog for the HaPoC Community launched!

This new feature of our website is an opportunity for all registered users to post about anything they want: requests for collaboration, ideas, questions, opinion, interesting texts or images. Remember to use the Events content type for events you know about or are organizing and the Publications content type to announce any new or interesting publication. Good blogging!


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