Master of Music

The Institute for Music and Media (IMM) of the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media Düsseldorf offers a four-semester master’s degree program:
Form und Forschung, Master of Music (M.Mus.)
Following the principle of the unity of research and teaching, the Form und Forschung master’s degree program combines aesthetic, technical and theoretical approaches. The program is based on the unique features for which the Institute for Music and Media is known: composition, performance, and algorithmic art forms have been established here for many years as highly varied facets of contemporary art.

During their studies, master’s degree candidates autonomously develop their own stance with respect to a range of artistic, media-based, economic, scientific and cultural contexts, to design, influence, advance and even anticipate developments in the 21st century.

Musicality is not exclusively attached to musical instruments – it includes many aspects of artistic and scholarly work. That is not least of all the reason why this degree program is open to graduates from all disciplines.
It is therefore particularly appropriate for those who are interested in the diversity of media forms, schools of thought and topics. The institution of a Musikhochschule is exceptionally well suited to promote exchange among interests and abilities in different domains.

Thereby, the projects of students is central. In the course of their studies, students learn to re-conceptualize their proposed project on the basis of critical and differentiated feedback and to bring it to fruition at a high level through collaboration with other students. They carry out their project in one of two areas of focus – Artistic Research or Time-Based Form – both of which open up completely new perspectives in the environment of a state conservatory.

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