Special Issue of HPL on History and Philosophy of Computer Science

The Journal History and Philosophy of Logic (Taylor & Francis) is publishing a Special Issue on “Logical Issues in the History and Philosophy of Computer Science”, edited by Liesbeth De Mol and Giuseppe Primiero. The issue contains articles presented at various HaPoC Events. The contents are all online now:

Liesbeth De Mol, Giuseppe Primiero
When Logic Meets Engineering: Introduction to Logical Issues in the History and Philosophy of Computer Science

Edgar G. Daylight
Towards a Historical Notion of ‘Turing—the Father of Computer Science’

Selmer Bringsjord
A Vindication of Program Verification

Maarten Bullynck
Programming Primes (1968–1976): A Paradigmatic Program and Its Incarnations in the Age of Structured Programming

Graham White
Hardware, Software, Humans: Truth, Fiction and Abstraction

Felice Cardone
Continuity in Semantic Theories of Programming