Program HaPoP-2 available!

We are happy to announce that the program for the
second international symposium for the history and philosophy of programming, organised as part of the AISB 50th Annual Convention 2014 held at Goldsmiths, University of London, is now available:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Session 1: 11h-13h

11h-11.30h: Martin Loomes, Programming, Theories and Science: A Retrospective Discussion
11.30h-12h: Tomas Petricek What can Programming Language Research Learn from the Philosophy of Science?
12h-12.30h: Graham White, The Elusive Low Level
12.30-13h: Michał Tomasz Godziszewski Computational Hardness of Undecidable Sentences and Algorithmic Learnability

Session 2: 14h-15.30h

14h-14.30h: Mark Priestley, Making a place for programmers
14.30h-15h: Stephanie Mawler, Technosectarianism: Applying Religious Metaphors to Programming
15h-15.30h: John Kadvany, Panini grammar is the earliest known computing language